Massage for the Non Sports Person

Relief from chronic tension

Chronic tension starts with tearing, over-use or overloading of a muscle many months, or even years, before any pain is felt. Sports massage can help to breakdown any scar tissue or adhesions which have reduced or limited contracting or stretching.

Relief from muscle imbalance

Muscle imbalance results from the over-use of muscle and repetition of muscle activity (RSI). This can be through occupational, postural, emotional or sporting situations. They are related to your bone structure, muscle type, habitual movement patterns and sided dominance e.g. right or left handedness.

Relief from joint pain

Joint pain occurs when a muscle imbalance continues for some period of time. Here the muscle imbalance can cause instability and as joints are points of weakness this may be where the imbalance shows its effects.

Pre- and post-operative care

Pre-operative muscular skeletal preparation to improve and enhance post-operative recovery and rehabilitation.

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