‘The quality of your movement enhances the quality of your life’

Who I am?

I am Helen Portsmouth, I am passionate about people, about helping them find their way to better movement choices, in order to reduce pain, to move easily and with fluidity, to better understand the movements they have and how these movements may or do impact on and in their lives.

As a physical therapist I am dedicated to promoting health, healing and well-being through appropriate movement programmes, facilitation methods (massage and clinical rehabilitation) and discussions.

I have worked in and with movement for over 40 year; as a teacher, a coach, a massage therapist and clinical rehabilitator.

I have also performed personally at either top league level or I have represented my county in Hockey, Volleyball and Badminton.

And I regularly swim, run and do the exercise class I plan and teach.                                         

I consider myself as an empowering professional, where I would like to think I can listen, plan for and deliver information to my clients, building a rapport which can nurture an inclusive environment where clients can experience what is happening in and to their bodies. In becoming pain free, better movers both with understanding.

I specialise in manual therapy and clinical rehabilitation to release tension, understand why a structure might be under pressure and to return balance to a body

I work with a range of people, from children to the elderly as well as those who partake in sports like; golf, tennis, swimming, running, walking, though many clients are not active.

I also work with clients who are preparing for or are recovering from surgery.

“I have known Helen Portsmouth for 16 years, ever since I went to her because of severe shoulder pain. I had been treated elsewhere for what was thought to be a frozen shoulder. After two appointments, Helen suggested I see my doctor and, 4 months later, I had extensive surgery to remove a soft tissue sarcoma from my armpit. Left undetected, it might have resulted in the loss of my arm, or worse.Since then, I have been helped by Helen to address problems arising after the surgery and also for a recent broken collarbone. I have found her to be very generous with her time, providing detailed exercise plans for maintaining progress between massages.She explains things clearly and is always friendly and encouraging when my efforts are flagging.I have no hesitation in recommending Helen wholeheartedly.”

Denise E