I met Helen in my late forties having undergone 3 extensive spinal surgeries over 3 years, including two lumbar fusions. I had lost my business as a result of the loss of meaningful walking, and to add to the frustration, I had been physically fit only a few months before the surgeries, and able to run up mountains in South Africa! I found it incredibly difficult to buy into the idea that this was my lot and I sought a good number of physio’s and specialists in order to rehabilitate. I followed all the guidance and suggestions I was given. To be fair each professional did help to a small extent, however, I did not attain that elusive consistent long term improvement. I spent months and months in the gym doing sit ups, cross trainer, bike and floor mat exercises which hurt a good deal but did not solve much and, frankly, I was in despair.

Helen was the first professional I met who talked to me and, together we worked out what I needed to do, until then everybody else had been try this or try that and it should help”. The early phases with Helen were discussing what I would like as outcomes, learning about spinal stability and how to make that happen, and the various connections and relationships between different body parts. I had muscle atrophy in various areas of my body; all this needed strengthening, aligning, mobilising and then training to be useful in the journey I was taking. Helen guided me through all this. She literally rehabilitated my mind into making new connections, new behaviours and new habits, so that my movement became more fluid and repeatable, and pain free. It is little wonder that I did not experience improvement from previous professionals who tended to focus on only one part of the body.

This was a commitment over a long period – and still is – but the improvements came, my walking distance went up dramatically, I returned to work and, in time, I have felt strong and connected in different areas of my movement. I now have a very full life, mostly pain free. Helen and JEMs have been amazing and she was able to train and teach me all the way to returning to high level windsurfing with full body movements, and this is something I never thought I would do again.

Thank you so very much Helen” Richard H

“I first met Helen way over ten years ago when a friend recommended to me that I book an appointment with her because I was experiencing sciatica problems. I took my friend’s advice and have been seeing Helen six times a year since, that alone is testament to the respect I have for her and what she has done for me during those one hour long sessions.

I have seen osteopaths, chiropractors and doctors throughout my life in connection with lower back problems, but I felt somewhat disappointed with the various outcomes and their explanations.

Seeing Helen regularly has changed that. Her ‘hands on’ work with my body is superb, backed up with her extensive knowledge of the body and how it all works together. Feedback is always given together with appropriate exercises to work on. When I first met Helen, I was attending a weekly class of Yoga, but when Helen started her Pilates class, I switched to that. Everything that Helen says she puts in simple terms and it is so easy to follow and understand the journey we are on.

With JEMS, this has further advanced my knowledge of keeping my body working in balance and harmony. Since Covid I do this class weekly on line. I’m so fortunate to have found her, I cannot think the state that my body and movement would be in if I had not.” Neville B

“I have worked with Helen for 18 years to keep my body working. Together, we have managed to prevent shoulder surgery and kept arthritic knees mobile. Helen’s experience and knowledge are second to none.” Di M

“When I was introduced to Helen I was in constant pain due to a trapped sciatic nerve and was facing major back surgery, which we agreed I needed. Helen put me through a programme to strengthen me in preparation for the surgery.  Immediately post-surgery I was pain free, but needed further rehabilitation work to get me back on my feet and back on the squash court. This all took place 9 years ago.  I don’t play squash anymore, but I still have my monthly appointment with Helen.  This has kept me strong and able to go for a daily walk and play the occasional 9 holes of golf.   Helen has been an inspiration. I am 82 years old.” Reg M

“As I have a twisted pelvis, which relates to my scoliosis, I go to Helen’s pilates classes as this helps me realign myself and keeps me pain free.  I also have a regular appointment with her to sort out any new niggles before they become problems and too big.  She is amazing.” Jennie L