How I Got Here

I have a BEd Hons degree in Physical Education, Biology and Dance from which I taught in schools for 8 years where I taught and coached a wide variety of sports, activities and dance as well as teaching GCSE and examining ‘A’ Level Physical Education.

During this time, I examined for OCR as well as playing National League Hockey too.

Whilst teaching I did a MSc in Sport and Exercise Science and went on to a Senior Lectureship at De Montfort University as it was then, for 5 years.

I qualified as a Massage Therapist with the LSSM in 2003/4 which re-ignited my interest in biomechanics, exercise physiology and sports psychology. So when I met Joanne Elphinston for the first at a conference in Bedford ( I had found myself. From that point on I immersed myself in her Clinical Rehabilitator training and became a Certified JEMS Practitioner in Clinical Rehabilitation in 2012.

During my time with the JEMS principles I would like to think I have increased my knowledge base, refined my understanding of biomechanics, motor learning, physiology, philosophy and psychology. All of which inform my work and my life – I embody the JEMS principles on a daily basis – so my clients can have a confidence in what they find out about themselves and support to embody what they discover to be pain free, better movers with understanding.

Helen’s knowledge of the human body, coupled with her listening and observational skills give her a unique ability to diagnose, treat and advise clients to help realign, relieve pain, strengthen and to continue to use their bodies in an efficient way day to day.  I would not go anywhere else for help, she is amazing.

Jennie Ling