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Onwards and Upwards?

Hi,  Everyone, Well it has been nearly two months since I officially finished chemotherapy and, with the blessing of my oncologist, I started exercising when I started to feel I was coming out of the chemotherapy haze. So for the… Continue Reading →

A New Reality?

Hi, A massive thank you to everyone, once again. For everything. Thank you all of you who texted and emailed pre fashion show to wish me well, it was lovely to hear you were there. Thank you to all of… Continue Reading →

The Last Chemotherapy

Hi, The last and sixth chemotherapy was completed Friday 12th August, but I was reminded by the doctor that they see the chemotherapy sessions as three week cycles, so I am still in chemotherapy until Friday 2nd September and this… Continue Reading →

Number 5 – A Turning Point

Hi, It seems quite a while since I last wrote and a lot has happened. On the day of the 4th July – Tom’s Swimming Gala at School, where he received the Best Swimmer Trophy, and that reminds me we… Continue Reading →

Chemotherapy; Day 5

Spoke too soon and sounded fine. Shouldn’t post anything until after chemotherapy in future, this has been an awful few days and the drugs I am taking make me feel worse. Here’s to the end of next week and hopefully… Continue Reading →

Round Four; A New Chemotherapy to Understand

After the difficult three weeks before yesterdays chemotherapy with more drugs, some lovely sedatives and some really strong antibiotics I can safely say I was more than a little anxious about this fourth chemotherapy treatment. It seems to have gone… Continue Reading →

Half way

Hi, well it has been three weeks of counting down to the next chemotherapy and of working out how I feel. It hasn’t been a great three weeks – didn’t eat as well as I might, didn’t drink as well… Continue Reading →

31 May

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having a good time! I can also say time passes very differently when you are ill. Managing the effects of chemotherapy is proving to be an almost full time job where you also think of… Continue Reading →

Round Two

Thank you again for the kind thoughts, cards and flowers. Such lovely, heart-warming gestures that really do help. I am due to have my second session of chemotherapy this week and hope they change some of my drugs as I… Continue Reading →

Treatment starts

Can I just say to those of you have been through this chemotherapy lark – congratulations – and knowing that you have come through it makes me realise I will feel better at some point in the future. I’m counting on it… Continue Reading →

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